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The Proper Way to Do a Roundhouse Kick  
11:12pm 07/09/2013

I'm a little rusty, so if you know of a video that might show a better roundhouse kick, please post it here.
Short Heavy Bag Video 
01:45am 04/03/2009

I was wondering if any of you had any video you wanted to share?

Also, I was wondering if anyone wanted to list the mistakes I am making. Because the mistakes we make on the heavy bag, we also make in the ring.
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Stacey Nemour's New Splits & Kung Fu DVDs 
01:45pm 27/10/2008
mood: accomplished
Hey People,

I just downloaded Stacey Nemour's new instructional DVDS from these widget on her site. They're awesome!!!

Secrets of Splits & Flexibility: “Preparing your mind and body to perform at its optimum level is fundamental to any sport. I produced ‘Secrets of Splits & Flexibility’ to help renowned martial artists and world-class athletes reach their full potential and achieve the success they desire. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, young or old, these exercises will help and challenge you. They will give you a firm foundation as you embark on your journey to be "the best that you can be."

Anytime, Anywhere Kung-Fu: “In this DVD, I will show you the fundamental skills to develop a solid foundation to build on, including stance work, punching, and kicking techniques. To further refine your skills, I incorporate punching with light weights and kicking drills to lock in proper technique, while increasing your strength and fitness. I round off the workout with a short, but effective meditation. From start to finish, you will find it challenging and rewarding.

You can share this with your friends too!! Just grab the code from the widget itself (attached).

Hope you likey!!! I'll let you know if I find any more cool DVDs for download....Any suggestions from you????

SS :~)

10:33am 23/08/2008
  My question to everyone...

What are your favorite shoes to kickbox in?
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newby to kickboxing 
10:58pm 19/05/2008
mood: frustrated
I just started taking kickboxing last week and love it but the partner up bothers me because I am a newby and I am not very good at hold the target and doing the combination punches.  I had one partner, last week, appear frustrated at me because I was too slow in changing the target to accomodate her punches.  I apologized for being slow but she seemed really irritated at me and because of that I have been very timid in partnering up.  We usually do partnering during the last 30 minutes of class and we usually do combination punches and kicks.  I have taken cardio kickboxing in the past but nothing compares to this.

I tried to get my friends to join but they are not interested.    I guess my only problem is trying to find someone in my level.  Most of the people in the class have a buddy already.  I already spent 4 months worth of classes and I really wanna make the best of this.  Sorry for the venting.  Also my goal is to lose weight which I know will happen now because I am drenched in sweat after an hours worth of class.  Thanks everyone for reading my post :)

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03:29am 01/09/2007
  I recently purchased a heavy bag from a friend that might have punched it less than 100 times. It is in perfect condition except that the side directly adjacent from the seem is super hard. It is a 8 inch strip from top to bottom that feels like I'm punching clay. I have hit it probably over 5000 times and it hasn't softened any.

It is an Everlast 80# classic white canvas heavy bag. This is the third one like that I have owned and the others weren't like that. None of my heavy bags were like that.

Has anyone else run into this oddity?
Would I need to take the stuffing out then re-stuff it? I've done that before and was not able to get all the stuffing back in.

And a pic of my new and improved heavy bag attachment.Collapse )
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Pneumatic pear (without extensions) 
05:53pm 29/10/2005
  Who knows as correctly to work with a pneumatic pear?  
06:53pm 01/07/2005
mood: energetic
I have two question.....Has read through on one russian site (http://sportbokser.narod.ru/kikboksing/index2.html)that In a kickboxing there are belts as well as in carat and in other oriental combat sports.Different colors of belts of student's categories (with 9 on 1 kiu); Gold strips of masterful categories on a black belt (with 1 on 10 it is given).

As there it is written that at competitions at full contact impact by a back hand from a turn (beck-fist), and a throw through a hip is used....

In my club anybody nothing knows, about belts, impact by a hand from a turn and a throw through a hip..... As in the championship of Estonia I similar did not meet anything....
Interestingly that you about it know??
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new & question 
09:20pm 22/06/2005
  hi I'm new here
I'm a 20 years old girl and in the last time I've been thinking about starting with kickboxing. could you give me any tips, or tell me a little bit of the sport (I've sure informated myself about that sport in the net, but personell experiences is something else than boring definitions)
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10:48pm 08/03/2005
  Is any one from here from miami and know of a good place to start kickboxing?

<3 yilian
Woot Woot 
02:05pm 22/02/2005
mood: excited
Well it looks like the USMTA Amature National Championships will be may 28th
I just sent the registration packkets to the head office for approval ... man those took a while to put together ... this will be the first ANC I've helped host :>
I'm so excited
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Mauy Thai 
10:22am 03/02/2005
mood: cheerful
Hey out there in kick-boxer land .
I'm hunting mauy thai fighters pro and ama for some up coming USMTA events.
If you are interested please email or just reply here.
04:35pm 09/09/2004
mood: blah
Hey, Im new to this community. Martail arts in general has been a big part of my life and Im glad to find a community all about it.
09:56pm 23/08/2004
  how old is too old to start and whats a good price for instruction?  
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Not sure if you folks can help... 
08:18pm 20/07/2004
mood: curious
I've always wanted to do kickboxing. I did a bit of ninjitsu years ago and have always meant to get back to martial arts. The only problem is that I'm having trouble finding a local class. I'd prefer to join a class which I've received a recommendation about. Can anyone help me out? I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland.
.......Im screwed.... 
02:39pm 11/06/2004
mood: aggravated
The other day @ kickboxing, I snapped 3 legiments and tore calf muscle tissue all because some "wannabe" blocked my move wrong and forced my knee and leg to retract back in the sockets...Im pratically screwed for a while with kickboxing...ughhh..but he was cut from the team so its all good...by the way..im new here.
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Its time to throw down! 
03:28pm 11/04/2004
  Live Fights on April 17th at Russell Jones Kickboxing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

General Admission $10

Anyone who wants to fight be there at 6:30pm sharp.
Doors open at 6:30pm.
Fights start at 8:00pm.

Anyone can fight!

Female Fighters: Boxing/Kickboxing Its rare that we have a walk in female challengers, but our girls are ready! If you dont want to fight our females you can bring in your friend...or enemy, and fight in the show. Just show up for weigh in.

Male Fighters: Boxing/(any style)Kickboxing/Submission/MMA/NHB We have both individual and tournament match ups. Individual matches will be paired according to physical stats and ring experience. If you have a friend or enemy that you'd like to fight show up for weigh in and we can set it up for you.

The Tournament: They are Fight-off Eliminations divided into 3 weight classes. The tournament will be Boxing and American Rules kickboxing only.
up to 160lbs
180lbs and up

Winners of the Tournament get -Giant- Trophies!!!

There is a Special Event at this fight, if you want to know what it is...be there.

If you're a Karate bad boy, Kung Fu phenom, Bar room brawler, Biker, Streetfighter, Boxer, Kickboxer, or if you just think you are a bad ass and can throw down...come prove it!

Russell Jones Kickboxing
7104 Antioch Rd.
Baton Rouge, La

For Info call: 225-752-5885
Attitude and Perception 
04:27am 22/12/2003
  I have seen a lot of fights where at the end of the round, one fighter would shake his head as he returns to the corner. In the minds of the judges, that could determine who has won that round. What the judges perceive, determines the outcome of fights that go the distance, never plant the idea that things might not be going as planed! If you have a negative outlook on how the fight is going, it can have an affect on your performance, as well as your opponents if he sees your frustration. So your attitude going into the fight and throughout it, has an affect on you, your opponent and the judges, keep your focus on the goal!

It is like playing stud poker, four of your cards are visible, but your hole card can be seen by no one. Lets say you have two kings showing and your opponent has 2 aces, your hole card is a two, their hole card is another king. If you raise the stakes with the attitude of knowing your hand is superior, the other player will think your hole card is another ace, resulting in breaking their will to continue.

So go into each fight knowing you are superior and continue with that attitude until the final decision.
12:29am 21/12/2003
  Is this community still alive? It's been awhile since I've seen a post here. thanks.  
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Self Defense and Safety Community 
11:58am 26/03/2003

Join the self_defense Community!

This community is for posting your experiences, hints, tips, and questions about armed and unarmed self defense, street smarts, personal security, family safety, crime prevention, and related topics. Discussion of these topics is encouraged.</font>

At some point in your life, you or someone you know may fall victim to a violent crime. Violent crimes can affect anyone at anytime, regardless of where they live or work. Such crimes include assault, domestic violence, robbery, car jacking, rape and murder. A criminal's primary strategy is to use the advantage of surprise. Criminals usually choose targets that appear to be unaware of their surroundings. So please be prepared before something happens. Personal safety/security and self defense are key to every person’s satisfaction and wellbeing, and should be taken seriously. We hope the hints and strategies posted here will help you and those you care about live safer, happier, and more secure lives.

We will be posting Self Defense/Safety hints, and a theme question weekly. Please post your experiences, hints, tips, and questions often.


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