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Monday, December 22nd, 2003
4:27a - Attitude and Perception
I have seen a lot of fights where at the end of the round, one fighter would shake his head as he returns to the corner. In the minds of the judges, that could determine who has won that round. What the judges perceive, determines the outcome of fights that go the distance, never plant the idea that things might not be going as planed! If you have a negative outlook on how the fight is going, it can have an affect on your performance, as well as your opponents if he sees your frustration. So your attitude going into the fight and throughout it, has an affect on you, your opponent and the judges, keep your focus on the goal!

It is like playing stud poker, four of your cards are visible, but your hole card can be seen by no one. Lets say you have two kings showing and your opponent has 2 aces, your hole card is a two, their hole card is another king. If you raise the stakes with the attitude of knowing your hand is superior, the other player will think your hole card is another ace, resulting in breaking their will to continue.

So go into each fight knowing you are superior and continue with that attitude until the final decision.

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