deadboycolin (deadboycolin) wrote in kickboxing,

Its time to throw down!

Live Fights on April 17th at Russell Jones Kickboxing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

General Admission $10

Anyone who wants to fight be there at 6:30pm sharp.
Doors open at 6:30pm.
Fights start at 8:00pm.

Anyone can fight!

Female Fighters: Boxing/Kickboxing Its rare that we have a walk in female challengers, but our girls are ready! If you dont want to fight our females you can bring in your friend...or enemy, and fight in the show. Just show up for weigh in.

Male Fighters: Boxing/(any style)Kickboxing/Submission/MMA/NHB We have both individual and tournament match ups. Individual matches will be paired according to physical stats and ring experience. If you have a friend or enemy that you'd like to fight show up for weigh in and we can set it up for you.

The Tournament: They are Fight-off Eliminations divided into 3 weight classes. The tournament will be Boxing and American Rules kickboxing only.
up to 160lbs
180lbs and up

Winners of the Tournament get -Giant- Trophies!!!

There is a Special Event at this fight, if you want to know what it there.

If you're a Karate bad boy, Kung Fu phenom, Bar room brawler, Biker, Streetfighter, Boxer, Kickboxer, or if you just think you are a bad ass and can throw down...come prove it!

Russell Jones Kickboxing
7104 Antioch Rd.
Baton Rouge, La

For Info call: 225-752-5885
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