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01:52pm 02/03/2003
mood: sleepy
Ok we're home and this is all I have to say.
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07:28am 05/02/2003
  Hey everyone, im new here!

i have studied kickboxing (semi contact and full contact) for over 2 years now.

i had achieved 2 black belts and i am now a qualified instructor, working in Lincoln, UK.

hope to have some cool chats with you all

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words of encouragment 
01:38am 02/02/2003
mood: bouncy
Whoot! I am training for my first amateur title fight in March. I'm soooo nervous. It is a Muay Thai fight (which I have never done in the ring) and I just want to hear from anyone else who has done this... Anybody have any good training tricks or anything????
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last night's combinations 
08:42am 27/12/2002
back kick
spin wheel kick

and booty busters:
1 minute of continuous back kicks on the right and 1 minute on the left

boy do my back kicks need work.
last night's kickboxing class 
01:07pm 17/12/2002
  today the hip flexors are not so happy with me.  we did 2 minute sets of front kicks on each leg then sets of side kicks on each leg.


outside block
side kick
spin wheel kick

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Last nights combinations - let's liven this community up a bit 
11:38am 13/12/2002
  Combo 1:
front kick
side kick
spin hook kick

Combo 2:
front kick
wheel kick
side kick

Combo 3:
move into back kick
spin hook kick

My question:  i've learned outside and inside blocks and these are mainly used for blocking kicks, but are there blocks for punches?  so far we've only 'bobbed and weaved' our way out of punches.
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In another community.. 
03:22pm 12/11/2002
  .. there was a kinda of debate going on about the importance of knowing your surroundings and being able to use them to your advantage.

I believe that you must have, (what they call,) good general-ship of the ring; it is one of the most important aspects of kick-boxing and boxing, all of the greats had it, Ali was one of the best. He was so good at it, he continued fighting well past his prime.

Good general-ship, in my opinion, starts with the ring it's self; you must know where you are in order to know where you can move to when needed. If you don't know that, you are doomed to make dire mistakes! Before the fight, I examine every aspect of the ring in order to not be surprised by loose tensioned ropes or a slippery surface.

Then while the fight is underway I keep in my mind where I am, where my opponent is and where the ref is, at all times. Many fighters cannot fight from the corner or against the ropes; don't let that become your obstacle, use that to your advantage!

When I am being backed up against the ropes and my opponent is coming at me, I use my momentum to bounce off the ropes to deliver a kick or punch, If your opponent is bouncing off of them use his momentum to do the same.

Often times I will lure my opponent into the corner in the hopes he will think I am in a bad spot so he will waste energy pummeling my guard, when he is spent or close to it I turn the tables on him and pick my shots; it has worked every time!

It was said that I show no respect for my opponents because of the way I state how ineffective my opponents strategies are compared to mine. If that were the case, would I be utilizing my every advantage turning it to his disadvantage?

Any thoughts?
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06:30pm 07/11/2002
mood: good
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Have you ever wondered... 
02:57pm 31/07/2002
  ... how many times the average kickboxer has struck the heavybag? I never have.

I'd bet in the millions.
I like this.. 
06:47pm 23/05/2002
  Hi, Im new to this, and I just wana say , HI! I really wanted to kick boxing, but I never had the chance to join or sign, or even the time really, so I joined this, hope you talk about some moves and stuff, i would like to know , and if you want more info on me go to my journal...  
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Couldn't find a kickboxing community 
11:21pm 14/05/2002
  That I could talk kickboxing in really so I made my own. Basically I want to talk kickboxing, I know almost nothing of the martial arts so that community was kinda hard to get involved in.

I hope to find some kick boxers that want to talk strategy and training regiments, stuff like that?

I have to make another userpic, find a good style and decide on background.
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